Bringing out-of-state visitors to north Iowa

Travel writers head to north Iowa

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – There is a new effort to bring out-of-state folks into north Iowa.

Travel Iowa has been working to bring more attention to all of the wonderful attractions that the area has to offer.

This week, they are on the road with eight journalists representing three major cities from across the Midwest.

The tour kicked off on Sunday evening as they walked through Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and homes in Mason City, and it continued on Monday as they stopped at the Charles City library to see the most recent art exhibit on display.

Jessica O’Riley, the communications manager for Travel Iowa, is one of the officials on the trip this week and is one of the folks who brought these professional travel writers into town.

She says that projects like this are important to the area because it’s a way not only to educate north Iowa communities about what they have to offer, but other states as well.

“We have eight total writers,” she exclaimed, “two of them are from Iowa and five of them are obviously from out of state. We’ve got the Kansas City area, Minneapolis and Chicago with us so those are great markets for Iowa.”

From white water rafting, to artwork and architecture, O’Riley and others with Travel Towa made sure these journalists found enough inspiration in the activities to return to their states and share their experiences with others.

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