Keeping kids safe in the sun


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa –   It’s getting hot.  The sun is starting to beat down, which means folks are heading outdoors for some fun in the sun.

“Oh, we play outside every day, almost all day if we can,” said Autumn Rosenbaum from Clear Lake.

For Rosenbaum, and many other parents, when it’s warm and sunny, it’s time to get outdoors, but all that time in the sun can raise the risk of heatstroke in kids.  That means whether they’re outside playing or sitting in the car, parents need to be aware that a heatstroke injury can easily happen.

“I don’t think that could happen to me, because I wouldn’t leave my kids in the car alone. It doesn’t take very long for a vehicle to heat up, so I’m not going to risk that,” said Rosenbaum.

“Kids have died or have been severely handicapped because of simple mistakes. Parents can do any of them including myself could do this mistake,” said Dr. Nirmal Bastola at Clear Lake Family Clinic.

Nationwide, 44 kids died just last year from being left in a hot vehicle.  That’s why Dr. Bastola says just re-checking and re-locking vehicles can be the key to a safe summer.

“Lock before you leave. Make sure that you check your backs of the car before you get out, after work, or make sure your car is locked in garage.  Kids like to play, they want to be a driver,” said Dr. Bastola.

And it’s these reminders, and just those motherly instincts like Rosenbaum has, that will hopefully get you and others through this summer’s heat no matter the distractions.

“Just make sure you’re staying hydrated. I know they say 10-2 is the hottest parts of the day so if it’s a really hot day, maybe choose to stay in during that time,” said Rosenbaum.

Another way to keep your kids safe is to follow the “act” rule.  A stands for “avoiding” injury, meaning never leave your child in the car.  C stands for check reminders. Leave your purse or phone in the back to remind you to look in the rear of the car, and T stands for take action.  Call 9-1-1 if you see a child left alone in a car.

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