Reward offered for graffiti “artist”

KASSON, Minn. – The Kasson Police Department and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an outbreak of graffiti.  The initial spraypaint vandalism at the county fairgrounds was done sometime around May 8th. More graffiti at Greenway Coop LP station in Kasson was reported May 30th. The insurance payment to the county for the fairgrounds vandalism was just over $2900. Damage costs at Greenway are yet to be determined. Authorities say the recurring theme of the graffiti includes the word “Love”, a cartoon style smiley face with eyes and the Pink Floyd song “Shine on all you Crazy Diamonds”. Parents are being asked to watch for any drawings like these with their kids, any Pink Floyd references and also watch for kids being in possession of spray paint or purchasing paint. Kasson Police are offering a $100 reward for information that leads to the identification and apprehension of those involved.

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