Speeding up the polling process

New check-in process at the polls

MASON CITY, Iowa – Polls will be opening up tomorrow for Iowa’s primary elections and there is a new program that will help the check-in process go a little smoother.

All you need is an Iowa driver’s license, or a registered voter card, and the check-in process is as simple as scanning the barcode on your documents and getting your ballot.

It is a system that was designed by the Cerro Gordo County auditor’s office a few years ago, but it has grown in popularity as 56 counties have now adopted the system and will be using them at their polling places tomorrow.

County auditor Ken Kline says that this idea came about after several human errors were made during an election a couple of years ago.

There was an issue with spouses receiving the wrong ballots and folks with similar last names being checked in as other people.

Kline says that by scanning a person’s actual voter card or license, it will eliminate many of the human errors that are simply, hard to avoid.

“It’s safer for the voters.” Kline says, “It protects each individual voters rights in a better way. It applies the election law consistently across the entire state and both of those are huge things when it comes to elections.

However, Kline also says that voter check-in can only be successful if you head to the right location for voting.

He is reminding everyone to check-in and vote at the precinct where you live and not the voting centers that were used for the school and city elections in the fall.

He also says that if you choose not to use the new check-in method, the old check-in process is still available to use.

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