Wind farm project ready to begin

Wind Farm

DEXTER, Minn. – After some ups and downs that led to delays, work on a southern Minnesota wind farm project should be starting soon.

Construction is set to begin this month on the Pleasant Valley Wind Farm in Mower and Dodge Counties.

It will hold 100 turbines that will take up more than 35,000 acres. 88 of those will be in Mower County and the rest will be in Dodge County.

Those who live near the construction say it should be a good thing.

“The construction workers need a place to sleep, eat, drink their beverages and last time we had windmills built, they were very good for the economy, those guys are very good spenders,” said Mayor Randy Stephenson of Dexter.

He said Dexter may not see a direct benefit, but they do see a benefit.

“A lot of people don’t see any benefits from it. I see that the landowners are getting x amount of dollars per year for 30 years guaranteed and that money does come back to the local economy,” Stephenson said.

The work will take place over two years. This year’s work will consist of access roads and foundations. Next year they will start putting up the turbines themselves.

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