Iowa voters set to decide key primary contests

KIMT News 3 — Polls will open at 7a.m. as Iowa voters decide a number of key primary election races, including a crowded contest among candidates seeking the Republican nomination to replace longtime Democratic Sen.Tom Harkin.

For some, it might just be another election, but to others this could change everything on Capitol Hill. In total five Republicans, are facing off to determine who will run against Democrat Bruce Braley for the US Senate seat left vacant by Sen. Tom Harkin.

If a republican wins in November, that could mean a better chance for a GOP takeover in the senate but sometimes primaries don’t bring out a lot of voters.

“It’s been slower but it’s steady. In a regular election it would be a lot more busy but we’re happy to see that it is steady but very slow,” said Harlan Baack of Mason City.

Voter turn-out isn’t the only thing they’re concerned about.

“Confusion may be coming into play because at the last city elections, we had what we called vote centers and if you lived in the city, you could vote in multiple locations. For this primary election however, the real message for the voters is you must vote in the precinct you live in,” said Sandy Shonka, Deputy Auditor with the Cerro Gordo County Auditors Office.

Election officials stress, don’t let a little confusion stop you from voting on this day.

“At the auditors office we are always encouraging people to vote on Election Day. It is your right to vote and we take that seriously and we hope that voters do as well. Polls are open all day today until 9 at night and we encourage all voters to come out and vote,” said Shonka.

Gov.Terry Branstad, who is seeking a sixth term, is expected to win against his primary election opponent, anti-abortion activist Tom Hoefling. The winner will face Democratic state Sen. Jack Hatch.

You can still register to vote on site.

Bring some sort of identification to prove who you are and where you live. Also, in order to take part today you must declare a party affiliation.

If you’re not sure where to go to vote, just follow the link below and find the polls near you.

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