Local group finds support in each other


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – One local group gathered earlier this week for their third annual picnic, but to them, it’s about a lot more than food.

Those in vision support for North Iowa tell us they find being in the group very beneficial. They can connect with folks with disabilities like their own, but maybe more importantly, they find out about new tools and technology to make their lives a little easier.

“It has come a long ways. I mean technology is ever changing and there’s always something new and better out there for people to get. One of the things we do in our group is, if there’s somebody who is in need of technology, we’re trying to help them get in touch with the right people to make that happen,” says group President Kaari Kreitlow.

The Clear Lake EMT team presented at the picnic. They talked about how those with vision disabilities can stay safe and how to handle emergency situations. They even brought an ambulance for a hands on tour.

If you want more information on this group you can contact Kreitlow at: 641-529-2936.

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