Mayo Clinic helps with Apple health app

mayo clinic vo

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Monday Apple announced it’s new operating system called Yosemite.

There are numerous new features that will be available for users come this fall, but there will be a Minnesota flare to one of them. The world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester helped Apple come up with a new app called HealthKit. Basically it will help patients keep track of their healthy or unhealthy lifestyles. Those with the Mayo Clinic say Apple saw how they are connecting with their own app and wanted to come together to better help patients. In the future, Mayo’s app could also work with Apple’s.

“I think these type of digital health solutions really drive to Mayo Clinic’s vision to really providing affordable high quality healthcare to all those in need in any corner of the world. That’s where I think consumers and patients alike should be excited. They can touch Mayo Clinic from wherever they are in the world,” Dr. John Wald, Medical Director of Public Affairs, Mayo Clinic said.

The iOS will be ready in the fall. Mayo Clinic will be relaunching their app sometime in the fall as well.

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