Pets trapped in fire

MASON CITY, Iowa – A Mason City house fire is out tonight but several pets were killed in the flames.

It happened on the 200 block of 12th Street Southeast.

Neighbors tell us they heard screaming from inside the home, but when firefighters got on scene, they didn’t find anyone inside.

However, they did find several pets and not all of them were saved in time.

Firefighters tell us it took longer to get to the scene because of a downed power line a block away, they had to work around.

“The whole front of the structure, first story and second-story were engulfed in fire. We probably had about 20 percent involvement of the structure. We were hampered by a power line that was down across the road so we were able to get an attack crew in to check the fire right away and a search and rescue right behind us to make sure there were no occupants,” said Captain Jared Ogbourne with the Mason City Fire Department.

Investigators are still trying to find the cause of the fire.

Witnesses tell us it was because of the downed power line.

“I was at my buddies house a couple houses away. We just smelled burning plastic, we didn’t really think much of it until we saw the cop drive up. We came outside and saw the whole front of the house on fire. Both the porch and second story were on fire,” said Wraymond Todd of Mason City.

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