Leave the power lines to the pros


MASON CITY, Iowa – You may be tempted to trim your trees to avoid any contact with power lines, but experts urge us to leave it up to the professionals.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International says that landscaping, gardening and farming equipment cause seven percent of electrocutions each year.

Local experts say many of these injuries can be avoided as long as we consider safety first.

As Owner of Cutting Edge Tree Services, Kevin Hardy has had his fair share of run-ins with power lines and trees.

“Whenever a person works around a power line, they really need to be certified. Even mowing the yard, you really should be certified. So homeowners really shouldn’t trim around their own power lines whenever possible. It’s just too dangerous and not worth the risk,” said Hardy.

“It’s a big concern for us because power can be very dangerous,” said Jim Collins, Key Account Manager, Alliant Energy.

Jim Collins is with Alliant Energy and says many homes may have power lines going through trees but that doesn’t mean a person should grab some clippers and get to work.

“Here we have an example of a power line going to this home and it’s touching some trees. The homeowner may want to do some trimming around that, but if you were to touch the power lines, you would get a heck of a shock,” said Collins.

Each year, thousands find themselves on the receiving end of electrical injuries from landscaping accidents.

So Collins’ advice, ask for professional help.

“When you’re doing that, please call Alliant Energy 72 hours in advance. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna disconnect the power and then your completely safe to make the trims that you need,” said Collins.

For more information on electrocution safety follow the link below:


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