RAGBRAI pre-ride route inspection underway

RAGBRAI road inspections underway

VENTURA, Iowa – Some believe that experience can be the best teacher and that’s exactly why an advanced team is out on the RAGBRAI course a little early.

More than two dozen bicyclists and RAGBRAI officials are busy checking out the planned course with a route inspection.

The more than 400 mile course is set to start in Rock Valley and end in Guttenberg, and on Wednesday, these cyclists made the journey between Forest City and Mason City.

T.J. Juskiewicz, the RAGBRAI director, was along for the ride and says that so far things are looking good.

However, they need to plan for the worse and Juskiewicz says there are a couple of traffic issues that might need to be sorted out.

“The main thing we are looking for is things that might trip up some cyclists,” he says, “so road hazards or a tremendous amount of traffic; we’re looking at that and seeing if we can get to the source. So, if there’s a lot of trucks coming out of say an ethanol plant or a dairy plant or something like that, we’ll see if we can get to those trucks and say, ‘hey, do you think you could reroute for a couple of hours.’”

The more than 40 mile stretch between Forest City and Mason City was a success, according to Juskiewicz.

He says that even though they experienced a couple of flat tires, there were no major set-backs with the route.

RAGBRAI riders will be going through Forest City on Tuesday July 22nd and heading into Mason City on Wendesday July 23rd.

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