Resident wants city to house distribution center


KIMT News 3 – Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton recently signed a law making Minnesota the 22nd state to legalize medical marijuana.

With that change in law, comes the need for manufacturers and distribution centers. A local resident thinks her town would be a good place for the job.

Deanna Ryther now calls Austin home, but before she came here from Colorado she dealt with a life-changing event.

“Before I moved to Minnesota, I had major brain surgery. I had to relearn everything, I had to relearn how to stand up, walk, talk, feed myself, care for myself,” Ryther said.

She said what helped her through all of those medical complications was marijuana. She added that there is plenty of research out there that shows people benefit from marijuana like she did, especially when it comes to traumatic brain injuries.

“Before my brain injury I was in the field of taking care of other people. I’ve watched the amazing benefits of cannabis through cancer, MS, PTSD with different veterans I’ve worked with, both professionally and friends,” Ryther said.

Now that Minnesota has legalized medical marijuana, two manufacturing sites and eight distribution centers will be developed. Ryther said why not Austin?

“I think it’s really important that Austin becomes one of those distribution and manufacturing locations in addition to the research that we’re going to be performing there through the Hormel Institute,” Ryther said.

Austin may be a start, but she said she would like to see distribution centers in every city across the state.

Austin Mayor, Tom Stiehm said this is not something they have given much thought to, but will keep an open mind on it. He said city leaders will likely approach the state representatives in the area to see what the laws will be concerning the distribution centers and go from there.

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