Airlines submit proposals


MASON CITY, Iowa – New air service proposals are on the table at an area airport.

Mason City has been operating without an air carrier since the beginning of the year, but they’ve recently been fielding more offers from carriers.

Air Choice One and Great Lakes Aviation are now back in the discussion for the airport.

Both airlines would provide what they describe as essential service to major cities like Minneapolis and Chicago.

“The request for proposals were originally due several months ago and we asked for an extension from the DOT for that. The extension date was to June 2 and so the DOT notified us that they had received two proposals. One from Air Choice One and one from Great Lakes Aviation,” said Pam Osgood, Airport Manager with the Mason City Airport.

A meeting is scheduled on Monday.

They will decide how to move toward a potential deal.

“I think it’s imperative that we have commercial service here at the airport. We have business leaders who need to get to their business meetings. We have leisure travelers who want to be able to travel from their home airport and so it’s an absolute must that we have an airport that provides commercial service here,” said Osgood.

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