Study: Food stamp soda ban could curb obesity

Researchers say banning food stamp purchases of soda and other sugary drinks could cause a major drop in obesity and diabetes.

According to a new study published in the academic journal of health affairs, the move could prevent well over 100,000 children from becoming obese.

We talked to a local dietician who said curbing the amount of sweet beverages is a good idea for anyone’s diet.

“Consuming a diet high in sugar can lead to being overweight, or obese which can then lead to a lot of different diseases, things like that, so a lot of times you have to look back at your nutrition  to see what you have been eating or drinking to see what is causing those health issues,” says registered dietitian, Megan Conlon.

A different study from 2012 found that nearly 60% of beverages purchased on food stamps were sugary drinks.

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