Summer tourism outlook


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Now that the calendar is flipped to June, ‘tis the season to make those summer plans, including a summer get-a-way.

More Americans are expected to travel in the coming months, and a popular north Iowa tourist destination is expecting some high numbers.

Clear Lake, is a town that draws in thousands of people every summer, but city officials tell us this summer may be extra busy.

Each year, events in Clear Lake draw in people from all over Iowa, and even a decent number of people from out-of-state.

But the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce tell me, this year they’re looking at one of the largest tourism season they’ve had in years.

“Certainly RAGBRAI is going to add to that, but just over the 4th of July we’re going to have over a one week period, over 100,000 people and that has a huge economic impact for Clear Lake,” says Tim Coffey with the chamber.

Coffey says Clear Lake is an ideal destination for families looking for a summer get away, on a budget.

He says there are plenty of “day-vacation” opportunities here, including one week from today when “Thursdays on Main” begin.

While the town is expected to bring in tourists, we’re also learning that many folks in the area are looking to get away for a bit.

“I think it’s been increasing the last couple of years.The economy seems to be good. People work hard, so they want to get away,” says Jay Allen, owner of Allen Vacations in Clear Lake.

Allen says that he’s booked quite a few more summer vacations than last year.

He says some of the popular get-a-ways have been big splurges, like cruises and trips to Europe.

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