Where’s The Water? – Fun with Frederick and Fleming

Fun with Frederick & Fleming - Where's the water?

Today’s Fun with Frederick and Fleming is a little combination of trickery combined with a little bit of science. For today’s trick, we used a few red plastic glasses with a little bit of water and a secret that we will explain in a moment.

Water was poured into the first glass and then Amy was asked which glass the water is in. When she guessed correctly, the water was poured into yet another glass and then the glasses were mixed again. The process was repeated until after a few tries Amy got the answer wrong. When checked, the water just disappeared.

The question was, what happened. This is where the secret came in. The secret was a little water absorbing gel powder that was hidden in the cups before we started. This powder is actually a water absorbing polymer that can absorb about 800 to 1000 times its weight in water.

While for this trick, it is kind of fun and cool, but there is some good science behind it in practical uses around the area.

One use is in baby diapers. This is what is used to keep those wet diapers from leaking all over.

Another use is some farmers or gardeners will mix powder like this in their soil so that it helps to hold in the water and keep the plants watered in times of drought.

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