Local man arrested for child pornography

porn house one

ROCHESTER, Minn. – A Rochester man has been arrested after an investigation spotted suspicious activity coming from his computer. That is because the Twin Cities based task force found him distributing child pornography.

22-year-old Dain Eaton was taken into custody after police conducted a search warrant at his home located at 1121 3rd St. SE.

It is the kind of crime that outrages people from all walks of life, and what local law enforcers say has unfortunately become all too common; crimes involving children.

“One of the task force members started an undercover operation in the Twin Cities area and found that a suspect in Rochester had been downloading child porn,” said Sgt. Steve Thompson with the Rochester Police Department.

That investigation spanned several months and it started with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Congress enacted legislation that ultimately led to this organization. Those involved work on a national level to alert local law enforcement of possible internet-child sex cases.

“They initiated the investigation in November. They then went back and looked again in April and then contacted us,” Thompson said.

Just a couple of blocks away from the suspect’s home sits the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester. Police say those children were not in harm’s way.

Leaders with the Boys & Girls Club were not able to speak with us, but Executive Director Jodi MIllerbernd did issue a statement:

“At the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, the safety and welfare of children is our primary concern. We are so grateful to the Rochester Police Department for assuring that our neighborhoods and community are safe.”

Those with the department promise to continue fighting the dark side of technology in an effort to keep young people safe.

“We have a unit that specializes in looking through computers and phones and things like that. They will search those items that we recovered to look for additional evidence of child pornography,” Thompson said.

Eaton posted bail Friday afternoon and is no longer in police custody. Thompson said there should still be no need to worry about public safety because of the crimes Eaton was committing.

He said the investigation only shows pornography, nothing that would lead them to believe that child molestation is a factor.

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