Reeling in new anglers

Clear Lake Fishing Club hosts Free Fishing Day

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – It was a day of firsts for many young anglers in our area.

On Saturday, the Clear Lake Fishing Club hosted their annual Free Fishing day on Clear Lake.

The idea of the event is to introduce fishing to kids in the area, and in turn, introduce the sport to their parents.

Members of the fishing club feel as though the sport has lost some of its popularity over the years and Kristi Wilcke, the Clear Lake Fishing Club treasurer, says that events like this are a great way of reviving the activity and getting more people interested in casting a line.

“It’s so much better than having your kids sitting on the couch playing video games,” Wilcke says, “you’re teaching them a very important skill.”

A skill Wilcke is hoping they continue to use, which is why prizes like tackle boxes, lures and brand new fishing poles were given out to those who participated.

More than 100 kids turned out for the event, which is more than any other Free Fishing Day the group has hosted in the past.

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