Investing in preschool education


KIMT News 3 – Thanks to a new law in the Hawkeye state, parents could eventually see some relief when it comes to preschool tuition.

State lawmakers in Iowa have moved forward on a bill that will not only make preschool more available to students in Iowa, but more affordable as well.

The bill is designed to give all Iowa 4-year-olds access to a preschool education and in turn, schools will receive pupil funding of $1,200 for every student that enrolls.

Area lawmakers say that this bill is a long time coming, especially State Sen. Amanda Ragan, (D) Mason City.

She recalls research done in the state back in 2006 that said only 19 percent of 3- and 4-year-olds in Iowa were receiving quality preschool education.

“We think that it’s important to have young children, especially children that can’t afford those opportunities, to have that opportunity,” she says.

While it’s a pricey investment for the state to make, sitting at approximately $50 million over the next three years, Ragan believes the return investment, of educating young minds, will be worth every penny.

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