Last Day of School


MASON CITY, Iowa – School is finally wrapping up for a north Iowa district. Mason City students are some of the last to finish the year and they can blame it all on the harsh winter, but they had plenty of time to soak all their lessons in.

“We learned about eating healthy and blue zones and that too.  In literacy a lot about speaking and using note cards instead of reading off of a paper,” said fifth grader Ashton Camper.

“Multiplying, dividing fractions.  Learning how to speak with note cards,” said Calvin Perry another fifth grader at Lincoln Intermediate.

Kids received five more days tacked onto the end of year this year.  A late start because of a school remodeling project and bad winter weather made the year a little longer.  So it’s no surprise they’re ready for summer.

“I’m going to go to the pool a lot and I’m going to be babysitting this summer actually,” said Camper.

The summer fever is spreading to teachers and district leaders too.  Superintendent Dr. Anita Micich says this year was pretty unusual.

“This is the first time I think we’ve gone so far into the year. We knew as we went through all of those construction phases. We had moved our start date to later,” said Micich.

And it’s hard to forget about all that bitterly cold weather we dealt with this winter too.

“So cold you couldn’t put children out waiting for buses in the early morning hours when it’s over 40 below zero and those kinds of things.That puts kids in harms way and we don’t want to do that,” said Micich.

Now that the end is here and these kids aren’t focusing on how long the year took.  Instead they’re looking ahead to what next year will bring.

“Coming back to school, seeing all my teachers again, and starting new classes,” said Perry.

While many schools have switched to tracking school time by hours instead of days the Mason City School District is choosing not to.

Those other districts are hoping the switch will help if a bad winter forces too many snow days which normally have to be made up at the end of the year.

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