Online shopping and mail orders on the rise

Online and Mail Order

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – The world of the internet is changing the way people are shopping.

New numbers from the Census Bureau show that online shopping and mail order business is up by more than 27 percent.

They are also employing more people. Between 2011 and 2012, the number of employees grew by nearly 14 percent compared to just 0.1 percent for the retail locations.

Advertisers are catching on to the trend by sending out more mailers.

“Everybody goes and they get their mail everyday. You go to the mailbox, you go to the post office, you get your mail, you bring it home, you thumb through it. I mean, they have that piece right in their hand and it’s staring them right in the face, whether they decide to keep it or throw it,” said Kimberly Christianson, Bulk Mail Specialist for Church Offset Printing in Albert Lea.

She said more advertisers going this route is good for the economy.

“It increases the jobs in our area and printing, mailing, all of that helps the economy versus one person sending out huge, bulk emails,” Christianson said.

The Census says that the difference between online shopping and in-store shopping is the locations are not spreading the wealth. The online establishments tend to be concentrated in one area instead of across the country.

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