Proposed museum looking for more options

Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

ROCHESTER, Minn. – It is official, Soldiers Field Park will not be home to a new museum after a park board decision.

The park is already home to Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, so museum leaders thought a new museum to honor veterans and emergency service workers would be a good fit there.

“The idea that some of the history that you see here doesn’t tell everything, a little bit about them. The museum close by could have a lot more information and pictures,” said Tom Hosier, President of the Minnesota Veterans and Emergency Services Museum board.

The Rochester Park Board decided it was important to keep green space downtown where it is becoming a limited commodity.

So museum leaders are ready to look elsewhere.

“People said it should be in walking distance of downtown. People said it should be in walking distance of the memorial. This is veterans park, a soldiers park and it seemed logical that a museum to honor veterans should be close to that,” Hosier said.

He said they would love to hear ideas from the public on where the museum should go. To submit an idea or to simply learn more about the museum visit their website.

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