Addressing men’s health

mens health week-vo

MASON CITY, Iowa – Men’s health is a subject not often discussed but doctors say, it’s even more crucial to help diagnose symptoms.

This week marks National Men’s Health Week and it offers a way to bring awareness to many of the conditions doctors say can be prevented by early detection.

Anything from physical exams, blood screenings, as well as regular check ups can be very beneficial in the early stages of any condition.

One physician says men can be more reluctant when it comes to their health, but that shouldn’t be the case.

“Age 50 is a good place to start. So the first thing I would mention is for colorectal cancer screenings. Maybe you’ve seen some of these billboards as you go up and down the interstate about getting your colonoscopy. So it’s very important. Everyone 50 and older is recommended to have their first colonoscopy,” said Burt Bottje, physician with Mercy Family Clinic.

National Men’s Health Week is usually celebrated the week leading up to Father’s Day.

Some say families help serve as a reminder to father’s that their health should be taken seriously.

“You want to be screening your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the leading risk factors for stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. Right now, the goal is to have your blood pressure lower than 140/90,” said Bottje.

Bottje says 75 percent of the men he sees are usually instructed by their family to visit their doctors.

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