County gets cockroach update

Cockroach Update

AUSTIN, Minn. – We told you a couple of weeks ago about a possible cockroach infestation in Austin that the county is getting involved in. Tuesday, they discussed what to do about it.

Two county workers recently did an on-site inspection at the apartments. They were joined by a pest control company and found several units with cockroaches in them, and many with evidence that cockroaches were there.

At this point, the county is turning it back over to the landlord to take care of.

“Their recommendation was to take both sets of apartment buildings, and to have a pest control person come in and deal with the issues building wide instead of just going into the apartment they found it and the other one they didn’t,” said Mower County Coordinator Craig Oscarson.

He said the landlord has 10 days to fix the problem.

“The county board basically told the landlord, you resolve it according to what the pest control people said was the remedy, and if you do it and report it, we find out you did it, the situation’s over with,” Oscarson said.

If the problem is not taken care of in ten days, Oscarson said the county will step in and get a pest control company to take care of it. They would then bill the landlord.

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