County Supervisors canvass votes from primary election


CERRO GORDO Co. – A very close race in the primaries has the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors double checking the votes cast earlier this month.

This comes after Adam Wedmore of Rockwell defeated Michael Grandon of Clear Lake by one vote.

That happened during the Democratic primary for Supervisor in District 2.

After counting provisional and late absentee ballots, there were no changes.

None of the candidates managed to receive at least 35% of the votes, but that wasn’t a surprise to one of the candidates.

“Primary turnouts are difficult to predict. Four candidates splitting a vote for ways, it’s a challenge to get that 35%. We didn’t have any real surprises today so we’ll just move forward to the convention and let the delegates do their job at choosing the best candidate at that point in time,” says Adam Wedmore.

The Democratic primary candidate will now have to be chosen at a special county convention which will be held next week.

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