Iowa primary wrap-up


KIMT News 3 – The Iowa primary election results are becoming official as counties across the state are tallying the provisional and absentee ballots.

These were especially important for a few very close races. We knew most of the winners the day after the primary, but even after this most recent count, some things are still not finalized.

The Democratic race for Cerro Gordo County Supervisor is still up in the air, because no candidate reached 35% of the vote. That means there will be a special county convention to determine the winner.

From there, attention will turn to the general election in November.

One county leader says he expects to see a big turnout at local polls.

“The general election, you definitely have more people show up. I think the way our county breaks out is about a 40/40/20 breakout between democrats, republicans and about 20% are independents,” says Jake Hanson, Worth County Treasurer.

He says the primary results in Worth county didn’t show any major surprises and most of the candidates are incumbents, running to hold their current positions.

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