New adolescent outpatient clinic coming to town

New Rochester Outpatient Clinic

ROCHESTER, Minn. – A new facility is set to open in Rochester that will help treat adolescent mental health issues.

The PrairieCare Medical Group is a 6,500 square foot facility that will be able to provide care to nearly 250 kids each year through the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOC).

They do it with a school-like setting where kids come for a full day of work and head home each night.

“School is such a marker for functioning, not only from an academic perspective, but from a social perspective. Am I getting along with my friends, do I have the right peer groups? But also just the schedule, waking up at 6:30 because I’ve got to take a shower and get to school,” said Matt Petersen, Site Supervisor for the PrairieCare Medical Group.

They deal with early diagnosis of mental health issues in children and how to prevent them in the future.

“The illnesses are significant and finding them is important, but there haven’t, typically, been enough providers to work with them, or enough programs built to really focus on those needs,” said Dr. Chris Wall, Medical Director and President for the Rochester PrairieCenter.

The clinic will be open to the public in just over a week. There are four other locations in the Twin Cities.

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