Political ads just getting started

I’m sure you’ve seen them begin to pop up here and there, but political ads are just getting started.

Some in our area are even making national headlines.

We’re looking into “negative” or attack ads, and we want to know why they seem to be such a big part of the campaign culture.

“I just don’t think they’re necessary, for voters like Roberta Czaplewski, the negative political commercials do not work to sway her vote.

“I think they can win an election being honest and forthright about how they feel about an issue. Their constituents can decide whether or not they agree with that view-point,” she says.

So why do we see so many of them in the months leading up to an election? Well, because they’ve been proven to work.

“Negative ads are like vegetables; nobody likes them but they’re good for you,” explains Political Analyst, Dr. Eric Shoars.

Dr. Shoars says despite many people not being thrilled about the attack ads, they do get votes.

“The consultants and the politicians and such still swear by the negative ads, because they see that they work. But then in the aftermath, are they actually creating more voters? Or are they just speaking to the people they know will vote and trying to persuade them?” questions Shoars.

He doesn’t think the negative ads necessarily create more voters, he says for the most part; people tend to want to vote for someone.

“I think people generally like to be for something that against something. And in negative ads it’s really, you’re against something.”

Regardless, the attack ads don’t seem to be slowing down and Shoars says will just continue to ramp up as we inch closer to November.

But for folks like Czaplewski, she’d prefer to see politicians highlighting themselves and not attacking opponents.

“Talk about things they can do instead of the negative of their opponent and what they can’t do,” she adds.

Dr. Shoars says timing is important when it comes to political TV ads.

He says most voters don’t start paying attention to an election until about 30-90 days out. So that’s when you’ll see a majority of the attack or negative ads.

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