More dads find jobs

MASON CITY, Iowa – The number of stay-at-home dad’s is now on the decline after hitting an all time peak, and some say the up-tick in jobs is having an effect.

From a peak of 2.2 million in 2010, the number of stay-at-home dad’s is now just below 2 million.

For some staffing agencies, they say this is a sign of good things to come for the economy.

As many fathers are now returning to jobs now made available with the turn around in the economy.

“What we’re seeing right now with the economy, it’s actually picking up and getting traction. So there are more opportunities and more options for folks to look at where three, four, five years ago, you had people asking if it’s better to stay home because of day care or expenses,” said Manpower Branch Manager, Tony Buhr.

Tony says before hitting the job market, everyone should update their resumes and establish an online presence to make themselves more desirable for employers.

He says often times resumes for long time stay-at-home parents usually are outdated and haven’t been changed for years.

“If they have been off work for a period of time, they’re always concerned about that gap of employment. One of the things you just have to do is just talk through it and be confident. Some people go through and talk like it’s a negative, there’s nothing wrong with staying home with your family,” said Buhr.

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