Stink bug invasive species


It’s a stinky and destructive bug that’s starting to wreak havoc on crops in both Iowa and Minnesota.

This is one of the newest invasive species to hit the states, and ag experts have been keeping a close eye on how quickly they’re spreading.

It’s proper name is the brown mamorated stink bug, but all people know is that this invasive species is highly destructive and smells a lot.

This little bug is known to attack at least 300 different kinds of plants, including pretty much any kind of fruit tree or garden vegetable, but it’s especially drawn to apple orchards.

The species also gives of what’s been described as a smelly-sock type odor.

It’s already been found in Southeast Minnesota and the Quad Cities area.

Executive Director of the Iowa State University Extension Cerro Gordo County, John Sjolinder says, while they haven’t popped up in our area yet, it’s important to keep an eye out for the pests.

Another bad thing, they can also over-winterize in your home, so Sjolinder says if you happen to find some of these bugs, there are some do’s and don’ts to getting rid of them.

He said, “Because it’s a stink bug, if you vacuum them up with a shop vac or a home vac, or something like that you’ll want to get them out of that canister soon, or else it’s gonna have a pretty bad smell to it for a long time, so that’s something you can do. I don’t recommend using pesticides or insecticides inside the house, just because it’s bad practice. You can get it in food, you get it in stuff you sit on and it causes other problems.”

The bugs can spread very easily,so if you happen to travel to an area where they’re a problem, be sure to check your car, bags, or any containers to make sure you’re not bringing them home.

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