Using fitness monitors

KIMT NEWS 3 –  Using a fitness monitor which can tell you how many steps you’ve taken, or how many calories you’re taking in, for example is becoming very popular.  But anyone who’s strapped one of those bands on their wrist has probably wondered if they really work, and if so, how well?

A new study by researchers at Iowa State University says fitness monitors may not be doing what they claim.  Why?  Many of the different fitness monitors that are out there don’t have much proven data to say they work.

Strength training coach Zachary Kephart with Cutting Edge Fitness says he’s glad this study is being done.

“I think it’s a good thing to test them, because they’re becoming a very popular thing. You want to make sure you’re buying the right thing and in the fitness world we’re prescribing things that they’re using that should be accurate enough that our prescriptions are going to work,” said Kephart.

After testing eight different monitors those at ISU found BodyMedia FIT device worked the best.  The study is being published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

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