Accused killer no longer facing lesser charge

Tylor David Patrick (Mitchell  County Jail)
Tylor David Patrick (Mitchell County Jail)

OSAGE, Iowa – A man accused of vehicular homicide is no longer facing a lesser charge.  23-year old Tylor Patrick of Osage was arrested in February and charged with killing 22-year-old Jesse Wilson of Charles City in an auto accident.  Authorities say Patrick was behind the wheel in the single vehicle crash last September that resulted in Wilson’s death.  An additional charge of possession of contraband inside a correctional institution was entered by police against Patrick on May 19.  Assistant Mitchell County Attorney Aaron Murphy tells KIMT News 3 that Patrick will not face that charge at trial.  Murphy says Patrick was in possession of the contraband when he was taken into custody for the vehicular homicide and Murphy says he does not believe that meets the intent of the law, which is aimed at those who intentionally smuggle things into jail

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