State auditor finds problems in Cerro Gordo County

Iowa State Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa – The State Auditor’s Office has released a report on its special investigation of the Cerro Gordo County Management Information Systems Department. The investigation was requested by county officials concerned with the actions authorized by the then-director of the MIS Department, Scott Tepner.

State Auditor, Mary Mosiman reports they found $2,893.03 of improper and unsupported disbursements and un-deposited collections. That includes over $1,500 in computer equipment bought for personal use and personal charges incurred on the county’s cell phone plan, $1,100 received by Tepner for selling a computer owned by Cerro Gordo County and over $200 in reimbursement for monthly software charges to Tepner for which appropriate documentation was not available. The report also states it was impossible to determine if additional improper payments or non-deposits occured because sufficient records were not readily available. Mosiman recommends the county strengthen the internal controls at the MIS Department, maintain detailed records, review cell phone statements and implement policies to ensure assets are disposed of properly.

The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors placed Tepner on unpaid administrative leave on July 1st.

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