Fitness Friday: Exercise from an early age


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A lot of kids go to camps in the summer, but this one is helping kids build strength, stamina and confidence.

And the coaches at Cutting Edge Fitness in Clear Lake are taking their sports camp kids through some exercises and drills that’ll do just that.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Eric Tooker said, “Get ’em excited about it! That’s the main thing, keep it fun. We don’t wanna kill ’em, work ’em to death, so they keep coming back and they’ll do it for the rest of their lives.”

Right from the get go, Eric emphasizes the importance of the warm up. That includes active stretching and a few strength moves.

Next, it’s on to some cone drills. The goal is to hop over the cones, sticking the landing on one foot.

This exercise helps young ones work on coordination, balance, and strength, especially when you switch directions and go sideways.
Which, trust me, it’s a little harder than it looks.

These kids range from 7 to 14, but just because they’re young doesn’t mean they can’t put in some serious work.

That is definitely the case when it comes to games. So, they let me join in on a little game of red light-green light.

Now, this is supposed to work on explosiveness and reaction times with starting and stopping. Apparently, I never learned how to stop.

Next, it’s on to weights. Before anyone gets concerned about lifting at a young age, it’s perfectly fine with proper supervision.
That’s why each of the coaches are making sure the kids have the correct form to avoid injury.

But no matter what the exercise, these kids are learning important habits.

Tooker said, “Learn to move your body correctly, it’s gonna keep you healthy as you age – Keep joints healthy and muscles healthy.”

And finally, it’s time to wrap up with the all-important stretch out.

This is only week one of the camp, but so far it’s really giving these guys a full-spectrum workout

Camper, Harrison Futrell said, “Exercise can be really fun….I didn’t know that.”

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