Gov. Branstad visits north Iowa company

Governor Branstad in North Iowa

GARNER, Iowa – The mid-term elections are still months away, but the campaigning has just begun.

Both Iowa and Minnesota’s governors made their way to our area on Friday.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and his Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds stopped by Stellar Industries in Garner for a tour of the facility.

The two spent the morning touring around and learning more about the company and how they impact the city of Garner.

It’s all apart of their tour across the state.

Branstad and Reynolds say that they promised each other to visit every county, every year and that they are nearly two-thirds of the way done.

“We specifically like visiting existing Iowa companies,” he says, “we want to find out what they are doing, what their plans are and what some of the problems and challenges they have.”

Following the tour, Branstad and Reynolds sat down with company leaders and employees for a question and answer portion of the day.

They ended up talking about some things that aren’t working well for the company in the hiring sector, however Branstad says this is something they have been working to fix for the past couple of years.

“One of the big things we heard is we are seeing a lot of job opportunities, but not always being able to find the people with the right skills.”

Branstad and Reynolds both agreed that one thing they noticed and likes about Stellar Industries was the fact that they are employee owned.

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