2014 Iowa GOP State Convention


DES MOINES, Iowa – High profile political leaders from around the country made their way to Des Moines Saturday for the 2014 Iowa GOP State Convention.

Along with Iowa politicians and delegates, three possible 2016 presidential hopefuls were in attendance.

One by one, speakers delivered their ideas to unite the Republican party and win more elections

The convention kicked off with remarks from U.S. Senate Candidate Joni Ernst.

“Some might even attack me because I don’t have a law degree, I think that’s a good thing,” says Ernst.

The self-proclaimed “mother, soldier, and proven conservative” spoke to delegates about her plan to change the way Washington politics operate.

“I’m running for Senate to bring our Iowa values to Washington, where they’re sorely needed. The problem with Washington is, it’s full of liberals like Bruce Braley who think government is the solution to every problem,” Ernst adds.

Also on the agenda, electing a nominee for Lt. Governor.

Governor Terry Branstad took the microphone in the middle of the delegates to nominate his right hand woman, Kim Reyonds.

State convention delegates approved that nomination almost unanimously.

“I’m so proud and honored to be running again with Governor Branstad. And I knew when I signed on it was going to take a tremendous amount of energy and passion to keep up with the Governor,” says Reynolds.

“I’ve learned we need to build on our record and show the people the vision of an even brighter future for them and their families,” says Branstad.

The convention brought out a few possible 2016 presidential hopefuls, like U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, who suggested the Republican party needs to pay more attention to the average American worker.

“When Republicans get up and we deliver a message and we paint this beautiful picture of growth and economic prosperity, but as we paint that picture they don’t see themselves in this picture, then we’re not going to win elections,” explains Santorum.

4th district Congressman Steve King also made remarks at the convention. Noticeably missing however, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. He was slated to make remarks today, but it was announced during the convention that he wasn’t going to be making it to Des Moines.

Jindal and Paul both delivered criticism to the Obama Administration for the recent swap of army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban.

Jindal did his best to fire up the delegates in attendance.

“Do you think the President of the United States should release five terrorists. Five terrorists who are opposed, not only to the United States of America, but our way of life, so they can go back and rejoin the fight against America?”

That wasn’t the only controversial topic Jindal discussed. He also expressed his support of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, who recently came under fire for statements he made to a magazine.

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