Car plows into local business

Crash Vid

GREENE, Iowa – One town festival got pretty interesting Saturday afternoon, at least for the owners of one local store.

Owners of Dralle’s Department Store in Greene received calls saying a car plowed through the front of their building.

“To come down here and see a complete car in our store was something, yeah you’re not going to see every day,” says partial store owner Darin Trees.

“We just closed the store and I was home for probably 20 minutes and had a buddy call me.He said you might want to go back down to the store, I think you just had someone go through the window with a vehicle,” says Trees.

His partner was away for the weekend of Greene River Days when a Dodge Charger literally charged through the front of their department store.

“Uncle Jeff, he said I understand we just had a car go through the front of our store, and of course I said, what?!” says partial owner, Jeff Dralle.

“So, not really knowing what to expect, I got down here and was pretty shocked to see a Dodge Charger where our slack rack is normally occupied,” says Trees.

The accident caused a significant amount of damage.

“All the way in, and it did quite a bit of damage on the way.So yeah, it took out our brick, took out all the window and we have quite a bit of damage inside,” says Trees.

Ae says the accident could be due to a medical condition, causing her to lose control.

“From what I understand, she might have jumped the curb and went straight through the window. I heard from someone else say they had to jump in there and actually turn the vehicle off because she still had her foot on the gas and trying to go forward,” says Trees.

The good news is, because the store closed twenty minutes earlier, no one was hurt.

“I’m surely glad that no one was injured here. Our store was closed and I’m very happy that there were no injuries. I guess if they were going to run into our store, it was the best time,” says Dralle.

Now the clean-up begins and Dralle’s is back to business as usual.

“We’ll get the insurance adjuster up here and have him take his pictures and then will clean up and move on and start rebuilding the front,” says Dralle.

Trees says it is expected to cost a few thousand dollars and several weeks.

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