Local youth group burglarized on mission trip

ST.LOUIS, MO – A youth group from Rolling Acres Christian Reformed Church in Mason City is on a mission trip. All was going smoothly until one unexpected road bump.

After touring a museum in St.Louis, they were shocked to find their vans were broken into. Credit cards, cash, and clothes were just a few things taken from trip leaders and kids.  Still, they aren’t letting this affect their attitude, and they plan to trek on.

“They are all stepping up and helping each other. Paying it forward as much as they can. Lending money and buying things for each other and nobody really dwelled on any of that. We all just forgave and moved on. We’re on our mission and ready to do what we came here to do,” says trip leader Teresa Bonnema.

She says they will arrive home on Friday. Until then everyone is helping each other out in any way they can.

If you want to help compensate for their losses, donations can be sent to Rolling Acres Christian Reformed Church to the attention of Pastor Nate DeVries.

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