A bright future for ethanol production in Iowa

Promising future for ethanol production in Iowa

MASON CITY, Iowa – The Hawkeye state is one of the top producers of ethanol in the country, but there is concern about the future of the industry.

Ethanol production and plant profits are mostly driven by the price of corn, something that can fluctuate all of the time, which to manufacturers like Walter Wendland means their future is unpredictable.

Wendland says there has always been pressure to keep things up and running strongly, but the pressure has grown over the years, especially from oil companies.

“We’ve had a lot of push-back from the oil industry lately. They don’t recognize the value that we bring to reduce gasoline prices and things like that, so that’s another reason why I need to be here to explain our industry,” Wendland explains.

He goes on to say that he believes the future is bright for ethanol industry in Iowa and that he has complete faith that, we the state will continue to be a top producer.

Iowa is not the only state producing an impressive amount of ethanol; Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois are also among the top producers in the country.

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