Golfing for a cure

Golfing for a Cure

AUSTIN, Minn. – A southern Minnesota man took his father’s untimely death at the hands of cancer and turned it into a positive.

The fourth annual “Dave ‘Tolly’ Tollefson Cancer Research Memorial Golf Outing” took advantage of a beautiful morning.

Dave was an Austin community member and restaurant owner, and also an avid golfer. Cancer then took his life five years ago.

So his son decided why not hold an annual fundraiser for cancer research and get a little golf in at the same time.

Dozens of people turned out for it.

“It means a lot. It means the town cares. My dad had a lot of friends, so it shows. Every year’s getting a little bigger and a little better. It makes it a little harder, but we don’t mind it,” said Brian Tollefson, Dave’s son and event organizer.

They have raised around $50,000 for the Hormel Institute since the event began.

“It means everything. We see it firsthand, so we’ll continue to support them. They just broke ground, they’re going to double the size of the institute, so that means even more research,” Tollefson said.

He is hoping for another $20,000 this year, but he said they will take what they can get.

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