Ride Transit Week


MASON CITY – Iowa  All this week, the state of Iowa will be celebrating “Ride Transit Week” in conjunction with “Dump the Pump” this coming Thursday.

The Mason City Public Transit is just one of many services across the state.

The buses go all over the Mason City area to pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Not only is public transit cost-effective, fare is only 50 cents one-way, it’s better for the environment.
Public Transit officials say, this week is really about getting people to just give public transit a try. You may be surprised at how easy it is and all the places you can go.

Neighborhood Services & Transit Manager, Pat Otto said, “Public transit in Mason City offers mobility and personal freedom for people from all walks of life. We take people to work, to the doctor’s office, to visit friends, to the grocery store. So you can get just about anywhere you need to get in Mason City with public transit.”

This is the first “Ride Transit Week,” so Pat says, she’s excited to see how this campaign goes.



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