Assessing the damage


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – It began as typical Monday night for Carol Welty of Clear Lake.

“We were just sitting down for supper and I had gone into the living room and the boys were still at the table. All of a sudden the winds came. I came heading for the kitchen, they came heading out of the kitchen, because they saw the roof coming,” said Welty.

The Welty’s only warning of the fast approaching storm was the alert they received from their phones.  Mother Nature took its toll on their yard, barn, and truck.

“All around the house there’s debris and everything.  Up to the house behind the house, and the house itself is just a couple little scratches,” said Welty.

They’re not alone.  About a mile away their neighbors were experiencing the same elements. It’s a night 11-year-old Nate Schiltz will never forget.

“Coming home and all of a sudden we see a big tornado and we turned around and went right back,” said Schiltz.

Schiltz was at a Subway near his house when he saw the storm moving in.  That’s when he and his dad turned back, and took shelter in a nearby Casey’s.  When they finally returned home a yard of utter destruction was left.

Their beloved barns were demolished along with many tree limbs down, and power lines snaking across the roads.

“Well, I didn’t really want to come back, it was terrifying,” said Schiltz.

Now it’s time for the clean-up.  The Schilz have utility workers getting the power lines back up and running and the Welty’s have family and friends lending a helping hand.  An overwhelming experience for these two families.

“Well, kind of teary ,meltdown time,” said Welty.

And here’s something that you will only hear after a storm like this:  The Schiltz’s say they found one of their cows, miles away and the animal was just fine.  Meanwhile, the Welty’s tell us they won’t be rebuilding a lot of what was damaged.  At this point, getting a new garage up, is top priority.

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