Creek could see serious flooding

Dobbins Creek Flooding

AUSTIN, Minn. – Some in our area are cleaning up from the damage that Monday night’s storm left.

Others are dealing with too much water, thanks to the amount that fell from the sky, and if the forecast holds, there could be some bigger problems.

Larry Klemmer and his wife look through pictures of what they woke up to. He said he knew they got a lot of rain so he expected East Side Lake to have gone up.

“I was surprised to see it this high,” Klemmer said.

On their daily walk around the lake, they saw even more of the impacts.

“A lot of water on the trails and things like that, it was pretty bad. Some places we had to just detour completely around it,” Klemmer said.

Water continues to rapidly flow through Dobbins Creek as it opens to the lake. On the other end, it is gushing over the dam that narrows it back down into the creek.

“There’s just nowhere for it to go right now, because the banks of the rivers, tributaries are all swelled up pretty good,” said Justin Hanson with the Cedar River Watershed District.

He said it is early in the season, so the crops and plants in the area will not really slow things down.

“The vegetation cover isn’t really significant, so the water’s going to move across the landscape just a little bit faster than it would if we would have got this in August or September, or later in the fall even,” Hanson said.

He said to keep a close watch on the weather and the danger more rain could bring.

“Where we’re at right now is just fine, but you just want people to be aware that the forecast is rain. If we get significant rainfall, which is possible, there could be some trouble that follows,” Hanson said.

Trouble may follow for some, but Klemmer knows it is going to take a lot for it to come his way.

“We’re up high enough here so that we’re not concerned at all, but it is quite a shock to see that much water,” Klemmer said.

High water is the story in Freeborn County as well.

Sheriff Bob Kindler has issued a no-wake restriction for Fountain Lake. He said that if you still do decide to go out on the lake, be on the lookout for submerged items like tree branches or docks.

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