Folks react to devastating storm damage


KIMT News 3 – Monday night’s storms brought with them high winds, heavy rain, hail and even possible tornadoes.

“My son yelled at me, dad the doors on the shed are swinging out! So, we ran out to try to get the doors put back in place and we got them spread apart and I said let’s just open them up. We turn around and there it was just like you see on TV,” says homeowner Steve Wendel.

Monday night he got as close to a tornado as he probably ever wants to be as he was only several hundred feet away when it hit his buildings. Now, he is just happy no one was hurt, but he’s not the only one on the street with flattened buildings.

Around 6 o’clock Monday night things started getting ugly. We recieved photos from our viewers of baseball sized hail, trees uprooted all over, and power lines on the ground.

“Well, I’ve got probably 2, 30×50 barns, a machine shed, a 30×100 former chicken house damaged, I’m hurting, I’m hurting,” says homeowner Pete Hodak.

“The next thing you know, there’s fireballs from electric lines all hitting the ground and stuff,” says Wendel.

“The rain came and the winds came and I couldn’t really see out in back, but then I couldn’t believe the destruction, unbelievable,” says Hodak.

Wendel is also concerned about some missing livestock after the storm raged through.

“My big cattle shed is down south. It’s completely gone and I had two bulls in the lot. We kind of got them penned up, but I had three cows in a lot down here and they’re gone,” he says.

So what’s next?

“Call the insurance man,” Wendel says.

Then the cleanup begins.

“It’s like well we can’t do anything until the insurance adjusters look at it, and then it’s just going to be a big mess,” says Wendel.

For a look at more viewer-submitted photos copy and paste this link:

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