Local county saves by building instead of buying


FOREST CITY, Iowa – One local county is figuring out how to save thousands of dollars and they are getting creative to make it happen.

Those with the Winnebago County road department built their own gravel pup trailer, which is used to haul gravel from place to place.

What would have cost them over $22,000 only ended up being a $12,000 bill.

We’re told this all was possible because of their talented staff.

“You really have to have that kind of knowledge among your staff and then it’s really not too big of a deal. We got the leadership and the skills to do it, so no reason not to save some money,” says Winnebago County Engineer, Scott Meinders.

Talents used on the project ranged from those who designed the trailer, to welding the parts. We’re told, the trailer they built is even better than what can be bought on the market right now.

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