OJ Simpson chase turns 20

It’s a case that still has folks talking all around the country and whether or not you agree with the verdict, it’s hard to deny that everyone was watching.

It all started somewhere, however and on June 17th 1994, 20 years to the day, the country seemed to stop as OJ Simpson led police on a chase along a California highway.

Not only did you have one of the best athletes in pro football being charged with double-murder, from day one, no one could escape the OJ Simpson coverage.

The chase lasted for 60 miles as Simpson’s long time friend, Al Cowlings drove his truck all the way to Simpson’s driveway, never going over 35 miles per hour.

According to one local attorney, the publicity was a whole new way of involving the public like never before.

“Just because of his celebrity, it became such a big thing. They had a helicopter on him following him and the legal maneuvering  that came afterward of course, actually bore more interest in the whole deal,” said Attorney Joel Yunek with Yunek Law Firm in Mason City.

There was a lot going on in sports history on this day 20 years ago.

Arnold Palmer played his final round in a US Open, game five of the NBA Finals and the start of the World Cup in America.

Yet despite all of this, Simpson took precedence on airwaves.

“This was their first grand experience and low and behold, they land the O.J. Simpson trial. It then becomes the first real attempt at cameras in the court room and you have to judge it with mixed marks. There was just way too much going on,” said Yunek.

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