Planning for a bright future in north Iowa

Planning for the future of the North Iowa Corridor

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – In order to move forward, communities commonly look back on their successes from the last year.

City council members, state leaders and businesses of all trades and sizes gathered for the annual North Iowa Corridor meeting.

The purpose of the day was to discuss how economic development projects went in 2013, and overall, those in attendance believe it was their strongest year yet.

Corridor officials say that together, Clear Lake and Mason City successfully completed 15 different economic development projects, bringing in more than 250 jobs and adding an additional $94 million worth of capital investment into the area.

The pride for the work accomplished was undeniable on Tuesday, however folks like Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce CEO Tim Coffey, believes their biggest task now is to keep the momentum going.

“It’s a great region,” Coffey says, “and, we have a lot of things going for us, we just have to toot the horn and get it going.”

Learning how to toot the horn is the most important part and what the majority of the meeting was all about.

Senior Vice President of CBRE in Chicago, Eric Stavriotis was the keynote speaker at the meeting.

CBRE is a company that works to bring major companies into regions like north Iowa, and Stavriotis says he is impressed with the achievements these two cities have already accomplished.

“Fundamentally, I think the community can sell itself better if it stands together though with its entire trade area, so I think that those are two groups coming together to form a regional group is huge.”

This is certainly a partnership that has paid off and Clear Lake will be welcoming in an anonymous Fortune 500 company in the coming year.

This major development is not only huge for their growing economy, but Coffey says it will also help fuel the fire in bringing more businesses into the area.

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