Strong storms claim the life of north Iowa dog

Dog dies under storm rubble

MASON CITY, Iowa – The devastating storms that hit much of north Iowa on Monday evening, came through with great force.

The high winds, heavy rain and even rotation in some of the systems were to blame in tearing down trees limbs at Diane Schmith’s home in Mason City.

Not only did she lose tree limbs and portions of her home, she lost a major piece of her heart; her bulldog Maggie.

Schmith tells us she waited out the storm inside hoping for things to calm down, however just when she thought the storm had passed, she heard the snap of a tree falling in her backyard.

The limb struck the roof of a dog house that was positioned up against the back of her home, and was coincidentally the shelter her dog Maggie was using to stay out of harms way.

Schmith says she wishes she would have gone with her gut instinct and brought Maggie indoors, but she felt her safety was more important.

“I had Maggie for about ten years,” she says. “She has been a real sweet heart, and It is really tough.  I kind of wish now that maybe I had grabbed her and put her into the house, but you know, I can’t think about what I should have done and didn’t do.”

Tree branches are still scattered across Schmith’s yard as well as her home.

Schmith says she also lost the power in her home as well, but nothing compares to the loss of her four legged friend.

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