Be careful when driving in bad weather

Driving During Storms

KIMT News 3 – The last two nights have not been very kind to those out on area roads, and it does not appear to be getting any better in the coming days.

It is a good idea to avoid driving if you do not have to during the bad weather, but if you do get stuck in a storm, keep driving if at all possible. If not, find the lowest safe place to go to.

Despite what we used to be told, it is not a good idea to hide under an overpass.

“That overpass is going to act like a wind tunnel almost. If you think of it as if you’re blowing out your birthday candles and things, you usually pucker your lips and you get that smaller effect, you’re going to get more wind, and that’s the same type of thing,” said Freeborn County Emergency Management Director Rich Hall.

Plus, most people typically go up to hide under the bridge.

“The higher you are in the air, the more chance you’re going to get hit with something. Even a pop can flying at 80 to 100 miles an hour is going to do some pretty serious damage and injury to you, so you’re not going to be able to hang on,” Hall said.

He also said it is never a good idea to try and outrun a tornado if you encounter one and definitely do not go after it.

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