Cedar River floods after heavy rainfall

Flood water rise in Charles City

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – So far, this week has been all about keeping an eye to the sky.

City and county leaders in Charles City have been especially concerned about more rain coming into the area as the Cedar River is already showing some significant signs of flooding.

The rapids are racing and the levels just keep rising. Dennis Raab was one of many area residents who some time to check out the rushing waters.

He says he’s impressed with how quickly things rise, but says it’s not anything he hasn’t seen before.

“I’ve been here 20 years now,” Raab says. “I’ve seen some high water marks and it’s okay when it’s this high, but when it gets higher, it starts to hurt people.”

He’s right, the level things are at right now are nothing to be too concerned over just yet.

The Cedar River is currently cresting out at just over 13 feet.

There are four flooding stages designated by the national weather service; action stage is the first and lowest, followed by flooding stage, when levels begin to reach up to businesses and homes, moderate stage is when sandbagging begins, and high is when damage really starts to add up.

As of right now, Chief Eric Whipple with the Charles City Fire Department says that this level is nothing new for this time of year.

While there is nothing to be too concerned about just yet, Whipple tells us that any more rain could mean trouble for the area, and it’s on the way.

“Unfortunately,” he says, “it does look like we’re going to get some more heavy rain tonight possibly, so really what we’re looking at is just keeping an eye on the forecast from the weather service as to what that crest from the cedar is going to do, and really just go from there.”

For more information about water levels of rivers in your area, check out the National Weather Service or right here on KIMT.com to learn more.

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